History lesson: what do you know about Ivan the Terrible?

Tsar Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
He was the “Grand Prince of Moscow” and later the “Tsar of All the Russians”, but he was not only any Russian tsar. He was also Ivan the Terrible who reigned with fearsome prowess from 1547 to 1584.

Ivan IV Vasilyevich was the first Russian tsar ever. The tradition of Russian emperors or “Caesars” began with him and ended with Tsar Nicholas II – known as the last tsar of Russia who abdicated in 1917.

Ivan IV Vasilyevich was described as being very intelligent. Starting his political career as a reformer, his tactics changed with time as he concentrated all governmental power on himself and reigned alone trying to expand the Russian territory with wars and repression. In Russian schools, Ivan IV Vasilyevich is part of every history book, but what do you know about him?

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