Russia this week: 7 October

What made headlines this week

Starting this week, we bring you a weekly news digest that rounds up news on Russia in English every Friday. Here are stories you might have missed for the week of 30 September to 7 October



  1. Russia-US truce for a Syrian ceasefire hangs in balance while nuclear disarmament program tumbles Putin introduced a 5-point ultimatum to end a nuclear disarmament programme with the US after a truce for ceasefire in Syria is called off bloomberg, RT, washington times
  2. Poverty in Russia has been rising since 2014: Russian Deputy PM Poverty in Russia has been growing steadily since 2014, with almost 5 million Russians earning the minimum wage russialist
  3. Russian human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina, Russia-based former US NSA analyst Edward Snowden and Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize All three are said to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize which will be given out later today, 7 October deutsche welle, time (Update: Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos was has been awarded with the Peace Prize)
  4. Russia-Dutch tit-for-tat after MH17 Buk findings Following confirmation that the Buk which shot down MH17 was from Russia, the Kremlin has been at loggerheads with the West foreign policy, guardian, tass news
  5. Russia gets ready for a possible attack from the west Amid increasing hostilities in the past months between Russia and the US, the Kremlin has launched a nationwide training exercise involving 40 million people independent

St Petersburg

  1. A US complaint claims that two US diplomats were drugged in St Petersburg last year; Russia says they were drunk, not drugged Earlier this week, news broke that two visiting US diplomats were supposedly slipped date rape drugs. Russia has since responded by saying the diplomats were drunk and asked for evidence radioliberty, the daily beast
  2. St Petersburg wins bid to host Worldchefs Congress 2020 The Worldchefs Congress will come to Russia for the very first time in 2020. Worldchefs is a global association of chefs founded more than 70 years ago open house magazine, saint petersburg convention bureau
  3. Russian officials in St Petersburg to report any contact with foreign entities Officials in St Petersburg now have to check-in with the government every three months if they have any contact with foreigners radioliberty

Easy reads

  1. Caution! Pokemon Go-ers! A sign showing a Pikachu and two human figures on their phones has appeared in front of the Church of Spilled Blood in St Petersburg calvert journal, sputnik international
  2. Kuus aigin kytary bouillon or “let the force be with you” Sakha fans of Star Wars in the Far East can now enjoy Star Wars in their native Yakut language, all 450,000 of them yakutia today, calvert journal
  3. IKEA in Russia features gay couple on catalogue Earlier this week, a gay couple’s entry into IKEA Russia’s catalogue contest won the votes of people but they’ve since pulled out from the contest prospekt magazine
  4. Rock(et) a bye baby, not? A Russian furniture company has produced a children’s cot in the design of a Buk missile, the very same weapon that downed Malaysia Airlines MH17 bbc
  5. Was Robbie Williams crude in ‘Party like a Russian’? Robbie Williams received flak after releasing a catchy tune about Russian stereotypes guardian
    From Russian princes to Rasputin, here are other songs that have been sung about Russia russia beyond the headlines
  6. “Crimea is going back home!” Crimea is slowing inching towards Russia, at 2.9 mm per year, according to Russian scientists bbc

Long(er) stories on Russia this week

  1. The murder that killed free media in Russia It’s been ten years since journalist and Kremlin critic Anna Politkovskaya was murdered. Here’s a look at how the media industry in Russia has changed since guardian
    Along with assassinated journalist Anna Politkovskaya, human rights activist Natalia Estemirova was also slain for her work. Here’s a story from her daughter guardian, radioliberty (video)
  2. Syria war: How Moscow’s bombing campaign has paid off for Putin Russian troops in Syria have contributed to a “military success”, according to the bbc
  3. St Petersburg seen as a contradiction between Russia’s cultural capital and breeding grounds for homophobia A Russian journalist was killed last April for his sexual orientation – a larger investigation of the homophobic agenda in Russia reveal
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