Events this week: 17 November

Events this week

St Petersburg is bustling this week with films, feminist and food festivals. Choose something along the scale of protests against transport prices to an exhibition based on a historic love story

(Image credits: Side by Side)
(Photo credit: Side by Side)

Event: Side by Side LGBT film festival
About: The annual LGBT film festival will take place once again in St Petersburg for ten days featuring screenings of numerous international movies based on LGBT issues. Every movie will be followed by a discussion.
When: 17 November-26 November
Where: Find the locations here
Price: 200-250 roubles
Language: English, Russian

Photo credit: Beat Weekend
(Photo credit: Beat Weekend)

Event: Beat Weekend
About: The Beat Film Festival is an international festival that features documentary films on new culture. The regional tour of 15 Russian cities is called Beat Weekend, with a programme highlighting five most important and popular summer beat films of icons of popular culture like David Bowie and Noam Chomsky. Enjoy the films, parties and workshops and book your tickets online!
When: 17 November-20 November
Where: Aurora Cinema, 60 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 300-450 roubles
Language: English (Russian subtitles for some events)

(Photo credit: Ladiyfest)
(Photo credit: Ladiyfest)

Event: LAD.i.Y Festival
About: This non-profit organisation is hosting a feminist festival of 25 events covering a variety of topics from queer feminism to punk rock. Listen to a lecture on ‘Does queer have a sound?’, learn the basics of sound engineering, hear the history of the feminist movement in Leningrad, or watch a film screening of anarchist Emma Goldman as you get acquainted with the eclectic experiences of various groups.
When: 17 November-20 November
Where: Saint Petersburg Sound Museum, Pushkinskaya Ulitsa 10, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: Free
Language: Russian, English

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

Event: Exhibition To Love Dostoevsky … Fyodor and Anna
About: Anna Snitkina is a name you may not recognise right away, but her husband Fydor Dosteovsky is. In honor of her 170th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the couple’s first meeting, Dostoevsky’s Museum will organise an exhibition dedicated exclusively to their relationship. The museum will feature memories of Anna and part of her correspondence with her husband.
When: 18 October-10 December
Where: Dostoevsky Museum, 5/2 Kuznechny Pereulok, St Petersburg, 191002
Price: 200 roubles
Language: Russian

Photo Credit: Till Rimmele
Photo Credit: Till Rimmele

Event: Dostoevsky belated birthday quest
About: Learn about the famous Russian writer Dostoevsky by visiting the house and the surroundings where he used to live with a group of fellow English speakers. Participants of the quest will have the chance to visit the house––the place where he wrote his last novel: The Brothers Karamazov. After the quest, all participants will gather in a cafe to discuss the results and sip some coffee.
When: November 19, from 2pm to 4pm
Where: Dostoevsky Museum, 5/2 Kuznechny Pereulok, St Petersburg, 191002
Price: 300 roubles
Language: English

(Photo credits: Till Rimmele)
(Photo credit: Till Rimmele)

Event: Demonstration against raise of transport prices
About: From January 2017 the prices of public transports are set to raise 7%. The price of subway tickets, currently 35 roubles, will jump to 45 roubles with buses going from 30 roubles to 40 roubles. On Saturday, citizens of St Petersburg are invited to protest against this raise at the Field of Mars: “The more people show up, the more likely we are to succeed,” stated deputy chairwoman Oksana Dmitrieva on Twitter.
When: November 19, 1pm
Where: Field of Mars, St Petersburg, 191186
Language: Russian

(Photo credits: Head with Tales)
(Photo credit: Head with Tales)

Event: Eduardo De La Calle
About: For the first time performing in Russia, DOT is hosting the Spanish techno artist Eduardo De La Calle this week. He is described as a philosopher, spiritually attuned and one of the mysterious figures in techno. Listen to his music here.
When: November 19, from 11pm
Where: DOT, 30 Kozhevennaya liniya, St Petersburg, 199106
Price: 200-600 roubles

(Photo credits: Like a Local)
(Photo credit: Like a Local)

Event: Restaurant Day at ETAGI
About: Open your own restaurant or cafe for one day in St Petersburg creative art space, ETAGI. You can participate as a vendor or just come and enjoy the food of the improvised restaurants.
When: 19 November, noon
Where: Loft Project ETAGI, 74 Ligovsky prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: Free

(Photo rights: Catherine Barney)
(Photo credit: Catherine Barney)

Event: Garage Sale
About: On Saturday and Sunday, ETAGI will open its doors to a monthly flea market called Garage Sale. The event is open to both vendors and buyers, but hurry up! If you want to be one of the vendors, you have to send an application by Friday 18 November. Find more information on how to apply here.
When: 19 November-20 November, from 11am to 9pm
Where: Loft Project ETAGI, 74 Ligovsky prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: 100 roubles

(Photo credit: Emmanual Delaloy)

Event: Nawal Music of the Comoros Featuring Samhey Band
About: Nawal, the rising star of Comoros will perform on Wednesday on the stage of Erarta. A documentary on the artist and her pursuit of the ancient Sufi musical traditions, which have been her inspiration since the beginning of her career, has just been released. Watch the teaser here and find her music here.
When: 23 November, 8pm
Where: Erarta, 2 29th Line Of Vasilievsky Ostrov, St Petersburg, 199106
Price: 700-1000 roubles

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