Russia this week: 11 November

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We bring you a weekly news digest that rounds up news on Russia in English every Friday. Here are stories you might have missed for the week of 5 to 11 November. This week’s stories are curated by Fann Sim and Denise Kopyciok



  1. Russia ready to restore relations with US: Putin President Vladimir Putin congratulate Donald Trump on his election results and buddy ups with the US RT, BBC (video), Guardian
  2. Russia launches large-scale air strikes on Syria Russia continues to order airstrikes on Aleppo Guardian
  3. Russians accused of attempting a coup in Montenegro Montenegrin prosecutors are accusing Russian nationalists of attempting a coup and trying to kill Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic Meduza
  4. LinkedIn ban upheld The Russian version of professional network LinkedIn continues to be blocked in Russia for storing user data abroad Prospekt Mag, TASS, RT
  5. Russian scientists create artificial gravity device for ISS The device is said to be a rotating cylinder whose centrifugal force would simulate gravity Meduza

St Petersburg:

  1. Top 5 places to recycle in St Petersburg The environmental NGO RazDelniy Sbor celebrates its fifth anniversary and reminds the St Petersburg community to recycle in order to increase Russia’s steadily increasing waste production Prospekt Mag
  2. Public transport fares to increase next year St Petersburg has announced an increase of public transport fares from 1 January next year with mixed reactions from the city’s commuters Prospekt Mag
  3. St Petersburg officials in “fake clean up” gaffe It started with a request to clean a streetlamp from sex advertisement and ended in a social media bashing over a photoshopped picture as a proof of the attempted cleaning BBC

Lighter reads:

  1. Children face wolf attacks in Southern Russia Officials are starting to provide public transport to protect schoolchildren on their 10km way to school  BBC
  2. Masha and the Bear cartoon shares Russian culture with the world With more than 100 episodes and millions of views on YouTube the Russian TV show wrote its own success story, watch the top 5 episodes on Prospekt Mag
  3. Russia laugh at Trump’s election victory On the day after the election Russian’s expressed their feelings on the unexpected victory from their own perspective Moscow Times
  4. Donald Trump named an honorary cossack The St Petersburg Irbis Cossack group honoured Trump’s victory and wants him to learn about “the mysterious Russian soul” Calvert Journal
  5. 6 GIF’s and 6 opinions: Russia says the darndest things Russian politicians and experts express their opinion on the US elections Prospekt Mag

Long(er) stories on Russia this week:

  1. A chance to start afresh: Trump’s America meets Putin’s Russia What will Trump’s foreign policy be for Russia? RBTH
  2. An epidemic of HIV denial in Russia Russia has been suffering from an epidemic of HIV but what’s making the situation worse is a growing community of HIV denialists Prospekt Mag
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