Errors: an exhibition exploring the avenues of failure

(Photo credit: Andreas Rossbach)

St Petersburg – Gallery Fotografika hosts exhibit featuring the many avenues of failure by local freelance photographer Sergei Stroitelev and his students

The exhibition Errors organised by St Petersburg-based curator and freelance photographer Sergei Stroitelev and young photography students at the Fotografika Academy, opens tonight in the Gallery of the school and shows various art works under the premise of failure.

The photographs shown are the result of a course called Photography Without Stereotypes. “I was teaching my students during the last two months – to think and brainstorm about the topic, to imagine, to see unusual in usual, to break their stereotypes in photography and finally to create a body of work,” Stroitelev explains. He wanted his students to experiment as much as possible. They tried out various methods like drawing and painting on photographs, collages, and intentionally defective images to overcome routines in photography. He also wanted them to fail and to learn out of their mistakes, so constant feedback was crucial.

The exhibited works are created by students with different levels of professional skills and diverse personal backgrounds, some coming from street photography, others from reportage, and even some absolute beginners. However, according to their teacher “all of them finished their works and broke their own stereotypes by producing a body of work ready to be exhibited.”

Among the many interesting works, one in particular illustrates the theme of errors very well. The work Corruption by Anton Smuglienko, one of Stroitelev’s students, reflects on the theme of forgiveness. The young artist took images of public people who made serious mistakes during their life. The mosaic displays the image of Jesus Christ. The initial number of portraits he was going to use in the mosaic was 33 – the age of Jesus when he died, however later he decided to use 32 and integrate a mirror to the mosaic thus the audience can see themselves in it during the exhibition constituting the 33rd person.

Event: Photo exhibition Errors
When: From 14 January to 25 February
Where: Gallery Fotografika, 25 Ligovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191036
Price: Free

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