Upcoming events: arcades, all nighters and pugs

Events this week

January 12 to 18: this week of events in St Petersburg is for the party people, the creatives and those that have been hybernating in their rooms since last week’s temperature drop. It’s safe to come out now! The city is waiting!

Events in St Petersburg, Russia

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Event: Movie night with Quentin Tarantino
About: This Friday, the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines will host a very special movie night dedicated to the fans of the American film-maker Quentin Tarantino. The programme includes three of his masterpieces: Pulp Fiction, Sin City and Reservoir Dogs. The price of the ticket includes three tokens for games on the machines of the museum’s collection.
When: 13 January, from 11pm
Where: Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, 2 Konyushennaya Ploschad, St Petersburg ,191186
Price: 550 roubles
Language: English, Russian

(Image credit: St Petersburg Planaterium

Event: All about rockets
About: In honour of the 110th birthday of Sergei Korolev, the father of practical astronautics, the St Petersburg Planetarium will organise a lecture on rockets and everything you need to know about them.
When: 13 January, 6pm
Where: Planetarium, 3-4 Velikan Park, St Petersburg, 197101
Price: 150 roubles
Language: Russian

(Image credit: ETAGI VK page)

Event: Mulled wine on the roof
About: The mulled wine festival on the rooftop of ETAGI continues and this weekend for a special price. Enjoy different kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic mulled wines surrounded by a breathtaking panorama.
When: 14 and 15 January
Where: Loft Project ETAGI, 74 Ligovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: 100 roubles
Language: –

(Image credit: Birjabar VK)

Event: Jam Session Community
About: On Sunday, Birjabar will host a concert of the band Jam Session Community, a team consisting of professional musicians performing the best hits of our times. Another host at the concert will be the talented singer and musician Romchie (Ромчи), known for his performances on the fifth season of The Voice. Find one of his performances here.
When: 15 January, from 5pm
Where: Birjabar (Биржа Бар), 4 Birjevoy Pereulok, St Petersburg, 199004
Price: 400 roubles
Language: –

(Image source: Aurora Concert Hall)

Event: The Beatles International Day Concert
About: In 2001 UNESCO recognized 16 January as The Beatles Day and since that day fans around the world organize numerous events dedicated to the legendary band. 9 bands will celebrate The Beatles at St Petersburg’s Aurora Concert Hall where the most famous songs will be played.
When: 16 January, 7pm
Where: Aurora Concert Hall, 5/2 Pirogovskaya nab., St Petersburg, 194044
Price: Free
Language: –

(Screengrab: Nirvanapathy BTK-Fest Closing)

Event: “Nirvana патия” Concert-performance
About: Imagine theatre actors playing guitars and singing Nirvana’s songs on a theatre stage. “Nirvana патия,” directed by Ruslan Kudashov, includes a team of actors and professional musicians, together to create images of rock musicians but also to give to the public a different perspective of rock music combining music and theater performances.
When: 12 January, 8pm
Where: Bolshoi Theatre Kupol (Большой Театр Кукол), 10 ulitsa Nekrasova, St Petersburg, 191014
Price: 500 roubles
Language: –

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Event: Swan Lake Ballet
About: The Opera Theatre and Ballet of St Petersburg, together with the Symphony Orchestra of the St Petersburg Conservatory, will present on the main stage of the Aleksandrinskij Theatre the famous Swan Lake ballet. The romantic Tchaikovsky ballet in three acts will also be played in the theatre again on 25 January.
When: 12 January, 7.30pm
Where: Aleksandrinskij Theatre, 6 Ostrovskogo Ploshad, St Petersburg, 191011
Price: 2,900 to 10,000 roubles
Language: –

(Image credit: QuartRia Facebook)

Event: New Qold audiovisual festival
About: The Residence Art and Technology QuartaRiata is one of those places in St Petersburg that is brimming with mysterious creativity. The organisation promotes educational activities in the media sphere, film, photography, performative arts, modern dance, product design, architecture and urbanism. This festival will feature an assortment of these creative outlets with three exhibitions, shows from musicians, actors and media artists running from 8.00pm to 6.00am. This is for the creatives and party people!
When: 13 January, 8.00pm to 6.00pm
Where: Zolotaya ulitsa 2, 4,, Petergof, St Petersburg, 198516
Price: 200 roubles plus donations
Language: –

(Image credit: Mosaique Facebook)

Event: Pulse w/ Interchain
About: Mosaique is hosting party Pulse, featuring Interchain, a new Moscow punk-techno duo inspired by Detroit classics, early Bunker Records recordings, early ‘80s European underground, anarcho-punk and dark synthpop. For local fanfare, the curator of the club – Moralez is also in the lineup along with Willrijk of the British label Theremin Lobster and a resident of the FM the Test – Zakharov. Make sure to get on the list here. List closes one hour before the party.
When: 14 January, 11.55pm to 8.00am
Where: Konyushennaya pl. 2, St Petersburg, 191186 (the second courtyard in the middle of the right)
Price: 200 roubles
Language: –

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Event: Mopsoëlka, for the pug enthusiasts
About: The creative space Tsiferburge is hosting the strangest and arguably most adorable event––a party for (or from?) the pugs of St Petersburg. The party includes a costume contest where pugs strut their most fashionable wardrobes and tricks. Anyone who has or just loves these peculiar little pets are welcome to attend. Get a 100 roubles pre-event discount by writing Tatiana here.
When: 15 January, 1pm to 3pm
Where: Fontanka River Embankment 20, St-Petersburg, 191028
Price: 400 roubles before the event, 500 roubles day of the event.
Language: barking only





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