Policeman injured during a raid of the Novorossiya Museum

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A massive fight broke out on Dekabrist Street, St Petersburg, on the night of 28 January. A few individuals involved in the fight barricaded themselves in the Novorossiya Museum. At the arrival of the police, one of them opened fire and wounded a police officer, Fontanka reports

According to the press centre of the St Petersburg Investigative Committee, a massive brawl happened on Dekabrist Street during which someone started shooting in the air with a traumatic gun. When the police arrived, people involved in the fight were hiding in a basement of the Novorossiya Museum. When the police arrived, the people involved in the fight were hiding in the basement of the Novorossiya Museum. After special measures were deployed by the police to force open the door of the cellar, one attacker fired through the door in their direction, injuring an agent. “The policeman has been hospitalized and the necessary medical care was provided. His life is not at risk” the Committee reports. The gunman was detained and he will be prosecuted under article 317 of the Russian Criminal Code (attempt on the life of a police officer).

The head of the Novorossiya Museum, German Nikolaevich, posted on his VK page his version of the events. According to him, the custodian of the museum went out to buy cigarettes and had a verbal conflict with some drunk people. The quarrel escalated very quickly and other volunteers from the museum came to rescue their friend who “was being beaten up”. At one point one of the volunteers fired in the air with his registered traumatic gun.

“Due to the numerical preponderance of the aggressors our guys retreated into the museum and barricaded themselves inside. After a while somebody started to bang at the door shouting “open the door, it’s the police!” Of course no one believed that. When we saw they were spraying some gas into the museum, one of us fired against the door with a registered gun to scare them off”, reads the post. The administration of the museum is now determined to “ensure the objective clarification of what happened” and prevent the possibility of the museum being shut down.

The Novorossya Museum opened in May 2015 as “cultural information” centre dedicated to “Russian military glory”. The exhibition focuses mostly on the separatist conflict in Ukraine from a Pro-Russian perspective.
In September 2016 the museum was raided by the Investigative Committee and FSB officials as part of an investigation on manufactured explosives that injured a 66 years old woman on Kantemirovsky Street in 2015.

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