Where the world resided: tracing embassies and missions of Imperial Russia’s capital

An interactive map of St Petersburg’s former embassies and missions. These inconspicuous buildings of today played a central role in pre-revolution diplomacy. 

One hundred years ago, St Petersburg endured its final year of being the capital of Russia. Like other capitals, the city had the privilege of hosting many foreign embassies and missions. The embassies and missions varied in size. Some of them resided in opulent palaces, while others occupied one or several apartments in many of St Petersburg’s revenue buildings.

In 1917, the revolution shook the Russian Empire and by 1918, the capital of a newly forming Soviet state was relocated to Moscow. The embassies and missions had to move, but the buildings they once occupied in St Petersburg remain. Explore the map to learn more about this often overlooked part of St Petersburg’s fascinating history.



Sources: Suvorin, A. S. Ves Petrograd. (1914 & 1917).

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