Roadmap to revolution: how St Petersburg overthrew the tsar in 7 days

(Graphics: Shima Vezvaei)

How women workers, mutinying soldiers, and a frozen river brought down the 304-year-old Romanov dynasty in an interactive map of revolutionary St Petersburg

One hundred years ago, today, Russians woke up to the news that Tsar Nicholas II had abdicated the throne and the Russian monarchy was no longer. In just seven days of protests in the capital city, the bedrock of the Russian state had been broken.

Retrace the 1917 February Revolution in an interactive map of St Petersburg, using modern and historical photographs to bring out the key locations and events that changed the history of Russia. From the Field of Mars to Nevsky Prospekt, learn how the city’s most famous landmarks connect to the dramatic events of 1917.

Choose from three ways of viewing the roadmap at the top bar: list, map, or media.

Sources used:
Materials from the Political History Museum of Russia and Dr. Boris Kolonitskii’s lectures at the Arzamas Academy. Special thanks to the Russia in Photo Project, which provided historical photographs for the map, as well as the website.

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