VIDEO: What do Russians think of the 1917 revolution?

(Graphics: Shima Vezvaei)

Prospekt Magazine went out to the streets and bars of St Petersburg to figure out what locals think about the revolution that happened in their city 100 years ago. We received some fascinating replies

By Francesca Visser & Daniel Kozin

Until today, the topic of the 1917 revolution remains a divisive and controversial historical episode for Russian society. The symbols of the revolution are omnipresent throughout cities in the country, but the event is largely ignored in official public discourse. No public holiday exists to remember either the fall of the Russian monarchy or the establishment of the Soviet Union.

While the world’s first communist revolution led to rapid industrialisation, progressive reforms in women’s and worker’s rights, and a drive towards mass education, it was also followed by a bitter civil war that split the country, the destruction of the Orthodox Church, and widespread repressions and atrocities. 100 years on, Russians are still coming to grips with the distant event.

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