What to do in St Petersburg this week: parties, exhibitions, movies, and more

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If you are a party goer, this week St Petersburg will have plenty of options for you to choose from. But that’s not all: enjoy the best exhibitions, film festivals, and lectures selected for you by Prospekt Magazine 

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Event: Art on demand: inner freedom and external limits
About: The Institute for Street Art and Exploration and Development continues its meetings series, Conflict as a driving force of street art. In the Art Space Taiga, Dmitry Pilikin will moderate a discussion about the freedom of artists in the marketised world, together with the street artist Thank ATRA, the sculptor Pavel Ignatiev, and the artists Andrew Berger and Dmitry Asuka.
When: Thursday 23 March, from 7pm to 9pm
Where: Taiga Space, 20 Palace Embankment, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free. Register here
Language: Russian

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Event: Jazz in the Big City Festival
About: The programme of Jazz in the Big City Festival includes performances of a variety of jazz styles, from traditional classical jazz sound to Cuban and Fusion jazz. In addition to the concerts, there will be interactive master classes, where visitors can learn the basics of jazz music.
When: Friday 24 March, from 6.30pm to 6am
Where: Creative Space Tkachi, 60 Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala, St Petersburg, 192007,
Price: 600 roubles. Buy your ticket here

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Event: Francophone Film Festival
About: The contemporary Francophone Film Festival arrives in St Petersburg for five days at Cinema Rodina. The program includes different type of films, from the comedy Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot from 1953 to the Swiss and French animated comedy-drama directed by Claude Barras which was screened at the last Cannes Film Festival, My Life as a Zucchini.
When: From Friday 24 to Tuesday 28. See the programme here
Where: Cinema Rodina, 12, Karavannaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg,191023
Price: From 150 to 300 roubles
Language: French with Russian subtitles

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Event: ФОТООХОТА Photography Festival
About: This annual photo festival will bring numerous Russian photographers to St Petersburg for engaging educational platform lectures, master classes and creative meetings. The festival will be divided into thematic areas, from Portrait to Reportage, including Fashion, art photography, family and marketing photos
When: Saturday 25 March, from noon to 6pm
Where: Meeting Point Kazanskaya, 7A Kazanskaya ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: 700 roubles
Language: Russian

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Event: Artifikatsiya
About: m_division presents a new project called Артификация, a platform aimed at supporting and presenting the many facets of contemporary art. The event, which will mark the start of the project, will be divided into two parts: an evening programme and a night programme including concerts, film screenings, public talks with curators, artists and guests.
When: From Saturday 25 March to Sunday 26 March
Where: QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, 2 Zolotaya, Peterhof, 198516
Price: 500 to 550 roubles, but your ticket here.

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Event: Conference Creative Cities. The Experience of Russia and Germany
About: Organised by the Goethe Institute of St Petersburg, together with the Art Space Taiga, the Calvert Forum and the Cultural Complex ArtPlay Spb, this international conference will focus on the development of creative industries gathering experts from Russia and Germany. The program includes a series of presentations devoted to the peculiarities of the creative sector of the two countries and a roundtable on the role of local administrations in the development of a creative environment.
When: Sunday 26 March, from 2pm to 8pm
Where: ArtPlay Spb, 3, Krasnogvardeyskaya Ploschad, St Petersburg, 195027
Price: Free. Register here.
Language: Russian

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Event: MGZAVREBI Concert
About: The Georgian music band MGZAVREBI (Passengers in English), arrives at St Petersburg’s Kosmonavt Club to play their individual music style, filled with elements of folk as well as classical music. The band, consisting of seven people and established in 2006, continues its tour which started at the beginning of the year in Russian cities.
When: Sunday 26 March, at 7pm
Where: Kosmonavt Club, 24, Bronnitskaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 198013
Price: From 1,600 to 4,000 roubles. Buy your ticket here.

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Event: Junktion 3 w/Tessela (UK) at DOT
About: Junktion will mark the end of the winter season at DOT with an international line-up including Tessela (UK), Module One, Munt Berry, and many others. Additionally, DOT will host the photo exhibition THE ORLINES EXHIBITION ST PETERSBURG 2017, featuring the leaders of St Petersburg’s contemporary street art culture.
When: From Saturday 25 March to Sunday 26 March
Where: DOT, 30 Kozhevennaya liniya, St Petersburg, 199106
Price: From 200 to 600 roubles

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Event: Dmitri Alexeev exhibition Der Ring des Nibelungen
About: The exhibition by the artist Dmitri Alexeev dedicated to Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen will be open to the public once again. The first time that the series of paintings was open to the public was at the Mariinsky Theatre in honour of the 200th anniversary of Wagner. It sparked strong protests from the public because of the rough themes depicted.
When: Sunday 26 March, from 5pm
Where: Central District Library, 18 Erlerovsky Boulevard, Peterhof, 198516
Price: Free

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Event: Erarta Emotions Pictures Festival
About: The fifth edition of the annual Erarta Emotions Pictures Festival will open in the contemporary Museum with films where the painting, the artist, and the artistic process are the main objects. During the four-day festival, visitors will have a chance to watch movies documenting the process of the painting technique and to understand the role of the artist in the creation of works.
When: From Monday 27 March at 8pm to Thursday 30 March at 10pm
Where: Erarta, 2 29th Line Of Vasilievsky Ostrov, St Petersburg, 199106
Price: From 300 to 500 roubles. Buy your ticket here.

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