All women quiz: which remarkable Russian woman are you?

(Graphics: Shima Vezvaei)

From the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union—the motherland has given birth to some of the most remarkable women in history. The young generation born in the Russian Federation, is yet to prove themselves. Find out which of these iconic women is the closest to you

Russia has gone through many different regimes throughout the centuries. As controversial as the position of women in the society has become nowadays, it must be understood within the historical context of the country. To understand this complication, look at what Russian dramatist, Nikolai Gogol, wrote in his novel Dead Souls about women:

“There are occasions when a woman, no matter how weak and impotent in character she may be in comparison with a man, will yet suddenly become not only harder than any man, but even harder than anything and everything in the world.”

Nevertheless, Russia is the homeland of some of the strongest and most famous women in the history—from Catherine the Great to Anna Akhmatova or Valentina Tereshkova. How many famous Russian women can you name? Take our test to find out which remarkable women is the closest to you.

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