In pictures: St Petersburg after the metro explosion

(Photo credit: Giovanni Pigni)

Citizens from St Petersburg and President Vladimir Putin gathered this evening to commemorate the victims of today’s metro explosion

By Francesca Visser & Shima Vezvaei 

As Russian authorities continue the search for two suspects from today’s metro explosion, citizens in St Petersburg gathered by the two metro stations affected by the blast to commemorate the victims by laying flowers and candles.

“I am still shocked from today’s incident so I cannot express myself in words. I just came here to pay my respects to the victims and maybe feel more calm. I’m going to use the metro. You know, for us, the metro is the heart of St Petersburg,” said a young girl who was lighting a candle near Sennaya Ploshchad metro station.

In the city centre, the streets are quiet on the night following the explosion. Numerous taxi drivers and citizens have offered free rides to help people reach their destinations. Although most metro stations reopened around 8.30pm local time, not many travellers seemed to dare to take the metro in the hours following the blast; it appeared deserted despite a heavy police presence.

Vladimir Putin, who was in his hometown today for talks with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, was among the people who gathered at Tekhnologicheskii Institut metro station to commemorate the victims of today’s explosion.

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