St Petersburg metro explosion: what we know so far

(Photo credit: Francesca Visser)

An explosion occurred at a St Petersburg metro station today at around 2.30pm, between Sennaya and Tekhnologicheskiy Institut metro stations


By Daniel Kozin & Shima Vezvaei

Ten people are reported to have died and 50 injured.

Prospekt was at Sennaya Ploschad metro station to speak with the witnesses earlier today.

(Photo credit: Francesca Visser)

“First there was black smoke and then the crowd rushed out,” said Sergey, a mobile phone salesman who was near the metro station at the time of the blast.

“I had to move out of the way because there were so many people…First there were firetrucks, then ambulances, then the Investigative Committee, then the OMON [special forces].”

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who was in St Petersburg at the time of the explosion, said all causes will be investigated including acts of terrorism.

Images on social media showed a badly damaged metro car.

According to a deputy who was at at the place, another bomb–which did not explode– was found at Vosstaniya Ploschad metro station just before the blast. However, later St Petersburg Federal Security Service Directorate said, in a statement, that the device was found about an hour after the explosion.

Although initial reports suggested that there were two different explosions, subsequent reports confirmed that there was just one explosion.

At the moment all metro stations in St Petersburg are closed, but buses will be running for free.

Citizens brought flowers to honour the victims of the attack.


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