Beyond the business: 4 cultural events you should attend at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum

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The 21st annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum, taking place in the Expoforum complex between 1-3 June, includes a rich cultural programme open to the public that runs parallel to the business deals. Prospekt Magazine selected 4 of the best events happening at the forum venue and around the city where you can to rub shoulders with executives and gallery curators

The first days of June start in St Petersburg with the annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Political and economic leaders from Russia and around the world will get together to find practical solutions for business in an intensive programme focusing on Achieving New Balance in the Global Economic Arena.

But business is not the only reason to come to St Petersburg these days. A rich cultural programme will complement the forum in different parts of the city through the long weekend. The new cultural addition of this year is the Expoforum itself: the venue was designed in cooperation with the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum in a Russian avant-garde. The internal walls of the Expoforum feature fragments of works by Russian avant-garde artists, such as the famous Kazimir Malevich and Alexander Rodchenko.

Eco-Technologies: A Fad or a New Reality?
During the St Petersburg Design Week, the evening event titled Design, Science and the Future, will showcase future technologies, smart textiles, smart jewellery, interactive objects, the science of personal branding, the use of lasers in treating stress, and a first look at a new fashion collection. The event will also boast various entertainment acts such as an interactive show by The Higher School of Lighting Design, an art-eco-performance by young designers and students from St Petersburg, as well as a fashion show featuring the leaders of Russia’s fashion industry.
When: 1 June, 6-8pm
Where: ARTPLAY, 3, Krasnogvardeyskaya ploshad, St Petersburg,195027

Silk Labyrinth exhibition opening
2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the production of the famous French luxury goods firm Hermes. Their first scarf was produced in 1937, named Jeu des Omnibus et Dames-Blanches, and after 80 years it is still a symbol of elegance. The exhibition Silk Labyrinth, coming from the private collection of the Maison Carré Foundation, is a unique project that gives visitors the chance to explore the world of fashion design in the 20th century.
When: 1 June, 7pm-11pm
Where: KGallery, 24, Embankment Reki Fontanki, St Petersburg, 191028

Russian Industry’s 2.0 Photo Exhibition
Walking into pavillon H of the Governor’s Club, the photos of different photographers will catch the eyes of a different audience. The photos showcase an unconventional Russia: the big country is depicted through the activities of Russian and foreign companies at different construction sites. The subjects are both local producers and big company employees, showing steelworks, ship-and aircraft-builders, different stages of the pulp and paper industries, as well as heavy mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.
When: 1-3 June
Where: Governor’s Club Pavillon H, Expoforum, 64, Peterburgskoye shosse, 196140, St Petersburg

Endangered Photo Exhibition
This year, SPIEF also provides the opportunity to meet one of the world’s preeminent animal photographers, Tim Flach. Between pavillons G and H, in the Art Centre, several photos Flach took in the past years are exhibited in a culmination of many years of research on different animals. During the Forum the photographer will present his Endangered project with two different talks: Endangered animals and how we best communicate their stories on 1 June and Who’s upside down, us or the bats? on 2 June.
When: 1 and 2 June, 4pm
Where: Art Centre, Expoforum, 64, Peterburgskoye shosse, 196140, St Petersburg

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