What are YOU into? Prospekt’s Top 10 Events This Week (31 August to 6 September)

St Petersburg has something for everyone this week. Whether you’re into cooking, clubbing, eating, public speaking, photographing, or walking, we have you covered!

(Photo credit: Alt-J / 31 августа / Санкт-Петербург)

Event: Alt-J Concert
About: The British band Alt-J is finally in St Petersburg for a concert in one of the biggest venues in the city; don’t miss this opportunity to see the amazing band! Buy your tickets here.
When: Thursday 31 August
Where: A2 Green Concert club, 3 Medikov Prospekt, St Petersburg, 197022
Price: 2,000 roubles

Event: Workshop on First Aid
About: Immerse yourself in a crash course on first aid: in this lesson, you will learn how to diagnose the condition of a potential victim, apply cardiac massage, stop bleeding, free obstructions in the upper respiratory tract and correctly immobilise fractured limbs, injuries and dislocations. The number of participants is limited. Do not forget to register here.
When: Thursday 31 August
Where: Anticafe Caspiy, 13 Polarikov Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 192171
Price: Free
Language: Russian

Event: Festival of National Cuisine
The dream of every food lover will come true this weekend. Enjoy a three day festival of national cuisine with dishes from every part of the world.
When: Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September
Where: Park Pobedy, 188 Moskovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 19607

(Photo credit: TutorForces SPbPU‎City Tour)

Event: City Tour
About: First time in St Petersburg? Then you cannot miss this city tour through the main historical sites with a group of newcomers. Fill in the form to participate here.
When: Friday 1 September, From 6pm
Where: 2 Kazan Square, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: Free
Language: English

(Photo credit: Reality Saint-P‎Romance & Industry)

Event: Romance & Industry
About: The short summer in St Petersburg has come to an end and so has the summer season at DOT. Enjoy the closing night of the summer season. The line-up this weekend will include Raf, Bagus, Smirnov, Usts, 8bit, and So.young.
When: Friday 1 September
Where: DOT, 30 Kozhevennaya liniya, St Petersburg, 199106
Price: 300 roubles

(Photo credit: Импресс Тур. Путешествия, Туры, Экскурсии. Карелия‎Фото тур по ладожским шхерам)

Event: Photo Tour in Ladoga
About: Admire a breathtaking landscape in a unique excursion including a photography course. This weekend the tour will take place in the picturesque skerries of Ladoga where you will join a group of amateur photographers to improve your skills and enjoy a relaxing hike. Find more information on the event here.
When: Saturday 2 September
Where: Find more information on the meeting point and destination here.
Price: 3,200 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Toastmasters International – St Petersburg Speechmakers‎Toastmasters Meeting 2 Sep 7:00 pm)

Event: Toastmasters Meeting
About: Practice your public speaking skills and improve your leadership skills in a friendly and supportive environment. The event will start with several prepared speeches after which you can participate by practising a short speech.
When: Saturday 2 September
Where: 18 Neberezhnaya Kanala Griboyedova, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free
Language: English

(Photo credit: Открытая киностудия «Лендок»‎Вечер французского кино на Лендоке)

Event: French Cinema Night
About: This Sunday discover some of the best French movies from this year: Un Profil Pour Deux, Jour J, Les Fantômes d’Ismaël. Buy your tickets here.
When: Sunday 3 September
Where: LenDok, 12, Kryukova kanala embankment, St Petersburg, 190068
Price: 200 roubles
Language: French, Russian

(Photo credit: Кулинарная студия Taste Lab‎Китайская Кухня. Знакомство)

Event: Chinese Cuisine: Introductory Lesson
About: Discover the secrets of the Chinese cuisine and learn how to make your first Chinese dishes. In this session you will learn how to prepare; Chinese spicy cucumbers salad, roasted tomatoes with eggs, soup with black mushrooms, Chinese potatoes, pork in sweet and sour sauce, Chinese tofu and leaves with onions. Find more information here.
When: Monday 4 September
Where: Culinary Studio Taste Lab, 37 Zanevskiy Prospekt, St Petersburg, 195213
Price: 3,000 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Европейский университет в Санкт-Петербурге‎Potential and Challenges of Legal Technology)

Event: Potential and Challenges of Legal Technology
About: Start your week with a lecture by Bernhard Waltl, research associate and chair for Software Engineering of Business Information Systems at the Technische Universität Münche. This presentation describes several initiatives in the field of LegalTech and digitisation of legislation and jurisprudence with a strong focus on text and data analytics as well as the computational formalisation of legal decision structures
When: Monday 4 September
Where: European University of St Petersburg, 3A Gagarinskaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191187
Price: Free
Language: English

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