Goodbye ruby September: Best events in town (26 September- 4 October)

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It is time to say goodbye to September and start October with a series of exciting parties, lectures, movies and more

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Event: Film Screenings About Photojournalism
About: On the occasion of the photo gallery opening on the second floor of the Bottle House, Klaudberri publishing house will show three movies about photojournalism: Get the Picture?; Profils, Henri Cartier-Bresson: L’amour tout court (Just Plain Love); and, Robert Capa: In Love and War. Read the details about the movies in the link provided.
When: Friday 29 September
Where: New Holland Island, St Petersburg, 190121
Price: Free
Language: English and French with Russian subtitles


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Event: «SAM FAIR» Contemporary Art Fair
About: The Street Art Museum is organising a huge art fair showcasing more than 100 artworks from local independent artists. The price varies from 500 to 30000 roubles.
When: Saturday 30 September to Sunday 1 October
Where: 84, Shosse Revolyutsii (entrance from Umanskiy pereulok), St Petersburg , 195248
Price: Free entrance

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Event: CORE Clubbing Night
About: Party your socks off at Mosaique club with American, Dutch, and Italian guest musicians from the most famous clubs in Europe.
When: Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October
Where: Mosaique Club, 2 Konushennaya Square St Petersburg, 191186
Price: 600 roubles

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Event: A Retrospective of Jim Jarmusch
About: This September and October Rodina Kino is presenting a retrospective on Jim Jarmusch, an incredibly prominent figure of the independent cinema since the 80s. This week, Rodina screens Night on Earth—a 1991 collection of five vignettes that place during the same night, concerning the temporary bond formed between a taxi driver and passenger in five cities: Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki. Check out the schedule for the upcoming week and buy your tickets here.
When: Saturday 30 September
Where: Rodina Kino, 12 Karavannaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 250 roubles
Language: English with Russian subtitles

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About: The fantastic English electronic music duo, Andy Turner and Ed Handley, known as PLAID, are coming to St Petersburg this weekend to release their new album for the Russian audience. The release party at Gestalt club will get even more exciting with a performance from the Russian electronic band, ISHOME. Tickets are selling out fast! Buy them in advance here.
When: Saturday 30 September
Where: 2 Konyushennaya Ploshchad, St Petersburg
Price: 800 to 1000 roubles
Language: —

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Event: Dobranoch: Live Concert at Post Bar
About: On Saturday evening the band Dobranoch (Goodnight) will perform at Post. The band was founded in France in 1998 and plays a mix of Jewish, Gypsy, Balkan and folk music accompanied by violins and guitars.
When: Saturday 30 September, from 8pm
Where: Post, 8 Vladimirskiy Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191025
Price: Free

(Photo credit: Tekstil Music‎Закрытие крыши DOT 30.09)

Event: Rooftop Closing Party
About: It’s time to close the rooftop and to say goodbye to the summer season at DOT, but not before one last party. Don’t miss this chance to catch the last glimpse of summer.
When: Saturday 30 September
Where: DOT, 30 Kozhevennaya liniya, St Petersburg, 199106
Price: 500 roubles

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Event: Los Fines de la Historia en el Siglo XXI
About: On Tuesday the historian Carlos Barros will present an open lecture in Spanish titled Russia and Latin America in a Globalising World: History and Perspectives.
When: Tuesday 3 October
Where: St Petersburg State University, 3 Ulitsa Smolnogo, St Petersburg, 191060 (Entrance 8; room 142)
Price: Free
Language: Spanish

(Photo credit: Иноекино‎«Жизнь прекрасна» 20 лет фильму. Специальный показ)

Event: Life is Beautiful
About: The Italian masterpiece Life is Beautiful is celebrating 20 years since its release and to celebrate its birthday  cinema Avrora is scheduling a special screening.
When: Tuesday 3 October
Where: Avrora Cinema, 60 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: From 400 to 900 roubles
Language: Italian, Russian

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