It’s wine o’clock at Ukrop! New vegetarian wine bar opens in St Petersburg

(Photo credit: Max Kozlov)

The vegetarian restaurant group Ukrop has recently opened a new wine-themed location in the very heart of St Petersburg—the perfect place to bring a first date or unwind after a hard day’s work

Most Petersburgers will be familiar with the Ukrop line of restaurants—green vegetarian hideaways scattered around the city that promote a healthy lifestyle and attract guests with unconventional wooden interiors and a variety of vegan and vegetarian snacks. Although the menu of the restaurant offers no meat dishes, even people who don’t consider themselves to be veggie lovers will find something to their taste—their wide range of inventive dishes simply can’t leave anyone unimpressed.

Every café in the chain has its own stand-out feature, and the brand new Ukrop on Nevsky Prospekt is no exception to the rule. Having preserved its core values, the new Ukrop has taken the game to the next level with a chic, elegant setting, where you can relax in peace with a glass of wine after a long day of work, hidden from the noise of the streets and the maddening crowd.

Situated right in the historical centre of St Petersburg, the recently opened Ukrop itself strikes a chord as a more ‘grown-up’ restaurant, presenting a new format in the chain—a wine Ukrop. It is romantic, quiet, reserved and stylish—perfect for gloomy autumn evenings in rainy St Petersburg.

(Photo credit: Max Kozlov)

It is quite obvious from the location of the restaurant and its design that it was designed as the ideal place to hold a first date: despite the ever-hurrying streams of people outside the windows, you feel cosy and warm inside, even though you are surrounded by strangers and foreigners. Ukrop opened a place for dates, where nobody knows you, but everyone can see you. It is a restaurant where you can come with your significant other and enjoy the atmosphere, exquisite dishes, and a fine selection of wine.

When entering the humble space, you immediately immerse yourself into surroundings that scream—romance! Chamber-shaped sofas are ideal for hiding from others and spending time with your special other. The burgundy that dominates the upgraded interior—the colour of love and wine—ensures a smooth transition into a romantic mood. A rich variety of organic wines and vegetarian appetizers, such as ‘detox-salad with kiwi, almond, parmesan, and citrus dressing’ and ‘cucumber rolls with avocado’, will make your dinner truly refined and unforgettable. For those who have not found their other half yet, the restaurant has provided two deep armchairs where you can sit in solitude and cherish your glass of wine on your own.

The Ukrop chain celebrates its 5th birthday this year, and its evolution can be picked up in the interior design of the new location: you will only see natural materials and colors—the color of rocks, wood, and grass, as well as plants and natural decor pieces made from branches on the walls. The idea was to make the interior tactilely pleasant and soft in every single detail, including wooden tables, soft corduroy, and the lamp light.

Worry not, you can still purchase vegetarian dishes and vegetable smoothies at the wine-focused Ukrop. Every day before noon you can treat yourself to a delicious breakfast, and on weekdays Ukrop offers hearty, substantial meals—from 2 to 4 dishes. Either way, one thing is for sure—no one will be left hungry or disappointed.

Meanwhile, the menu creators are already working on new options: soon, 70% of the dishes will be updated with the help of a guest-chef from Moscow, whose name is being kept secret for the time being. ‘Ukrop’ has always amazed and surprised its guests with a fresh, unusual vision of traditional courses, thus proving that vegetarian cuisine can be tasty and nourishing as well as aesthetically pleasing. You can be sure that something big and astonishing is surely underway. In the meantime, all falafel- and buckwheat noodle-lovers should hurry up, as soon these delights might well be replaced with new dishes.

Be sure to come to Nevsky 88 to distance yourself from the rush of the city, feast on exclusive vegan desserts, or have a calming glass of wine—you’ll find a lovely retreat from the worries of your day.

Address: Nevsky Prospekt, 88
Hours: 9:00-23:00 every day
Average check: 500-1000₽

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