Putin’s 17 years in power: Vox Pop

Vladimir Putin celebrated his 65th birthday earlier this month on October 7. A native of St Petersburg, he has served as Russia’s president or prime minister since August 1999 and has played an immense role in shaping modern Russia. His 17 years in power and possible re-election in March 2018 elicit a diversity of opinions among Russians.

Prospekt Magazine conducted a series of short interviews (vox pop) with randomly selected people on the streets of St Petersburg in early October. The results are a glimpse into the broad range of views that residents of St Petersburg hold regarding Vladimir Putin and his time in power.

Disclaimer: this video is a random selection of views and does not purport to be a scientifically-valid survey. It merely gives an indication of the various opinions that exist in Russian society about Vladimir Putin.


Special thanks to Vitalij Kuzkin for his help with the audio.

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