Ten unmissable events this week: Thursday 19 to Friday 25 October

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(Photo credit: English in Action/lifestyle events in English‎Quest in the Hermitage)

Event: Quest in the Hermitage
About: If you’re into games, art and history, then English in Action group invites you to a quest in one of the oldest and biggest museums in the world! It’s a fun way to explore the amazing artwork that is stored in the Hermitage, discover some secrets about the palace, and meet new friends.
When: Sunday 22 October
Where: The State Museum Hermitage, Palace Square, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: 300 roubles
Language: English

(Photo credit: www.mariinsky.ru)

Event: Giselle
About: The fantastic fantasy ballet, Giselle, is finally coming back at the Mariinsky stage. The ballet is about a peasant girl named Giselle, who dies of a broken heart after discovering her lover is betrothed to another.
When: Sunday 22 October
Where: 1 Theatre Square, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: 1,800 to 10,000 roubles

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Event: Retrospective of Carlo Verdone
About: Carlo Verdone, the legendary Italian director and screenwriter, is in St Petersburg for a retrospective of his career. Five of his movies will be screened, including the great Love Is Eternal While It Lasts. Verdone himself will be present during the whole program to meet with the audience and answer their questions.
When: Thursday 19 and Friday 20 October
Where: Avrora theatre, 60 Nevsky prospekt, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 250 roubles
Language: Italian with Russian subtitles

(Photo credit: Matrёshka concerts‎Марсель)

Event: Marsel Band Concert
About: The famous Russian trio will bring their reggae, hip-hop, funk mix on the stage this Sunday evening. Let’s get down to it!
When: Sunday 22 October
Where: A2 Concert, 3 Medikov Prospekt, Petrogradskiy, St Petersburg, 197022
Price: 1,200 to 3,000 roubles

(Photo credit: Киноцентр «Родина»‎Синематека Искусство кино)

Event: The Cinematheque Project
About: The Cinematheque Project is a series of events and film screenings organised by Искусство Кино (Art of Cinema) magazine. This week, two classical masterpieces of modern cinema, the Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky and The Dancer in the Dark by Lars von Trier will be screened and discussed.
When: Saturday 21 October
Where: Cinema Rodina,
Price: 350 roubles
Language: Russian and English

(Photo credit: Toastmasters International – St Petersburg Speechmakers‎Toastmasters Meeting #58)

Event: Toastmasters Meeting #58
About: Practice and improve your public speaking and leadership skills with Toastmasters. Find more information about the event here.
When: Saturday 21 October, from 7pm
Where: 18 Neberezhnaya kanala Griboyedova, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free

(Photo credit: Fred Perry (Saint Petersburg, Russia)‎Fred Perry X Ping Pong)

Event: Fred Perry X Ping Pong
About: Fred Perry ping pong tournaments are starting this weekend! Everybody is invited to join.
When: Sunday 22 October, from 5pm
Where: 7 Sadovaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free

(Photo credit: Jey Study‎Jey Teachers Forum St.Peterburg)

Event: Jey Teachers Forum
About: Are you an English teacher living in St Petersburg and seeking to improve your teaching skills? Then this workshop is all you need. On Friday you will have the chance to get in touch with fellow teachers and different schools in the regi0n in a five-hour event aimed at improving your teaching skills.
When: Friday 20 October
Where: Radisson Royal Hotel, St Petersburg, Nevsky avenue, 49/2, St Petersburg, 191025
Price: Free
Language: English

(Photo credit: Искусство Революции/Революции Искусства)

Event: The Art of the Revolution
About: The Festival Art of the Revolution / Revolution of Art: Petrograd, Leningrad, Petersburg is devoted to avant-garde artistic practices in the Russian art of the twentieth century. This project consistently demonstrates and analyses the conceptual, aesthetic and historical connection between two events that determined the cultural appearance of the 20th century in Russia and abroad. It is, on the one hand, the emergence of the world-famous Russian avant-garde, on the other – about the long-awaited recognition of the art of unofficial Leningrad artists.
When: 14 October to 12 November
Where: Art Centre Pushinksya 10, 53 Ligovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: 250 roubles

(Photo credit: Музей РОСФОТО/Rosphoto museum‎Пункт назначения — коммунизм!)

Event: Destination Communism
About: In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, it is timely and important to look back over the path Russia has travelled over the past century. What did people dream of and hope for during the first decades of the Soviet period? What were they proud of? What defined the thoughts and deeds of several Soviet generations? The exhibition Destination—Communism! invites viewers to seek answers.
When: From Thursday 19 October to 19 November
Where: Rosphoto, 35 Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa, 35, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: 300 roubles (100 roubles for students)

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