Three sisters by day, three mafia by night: Must do’s in St Petersburg (October 6-11)

Make your own tacos, dance some salsa, meet new people and discover the city with our selection of the best events of the week

Event: Roman Shmarakov, The writings of Enea Silvio Piccolomini
About: Roman Shmarakov is a Russian philologist, translator, classicist and author. This new series of meetings is intended for people interested in contemporary literature and poetry; it includes theoretical lectures on literature and book presentations as well as short poetry and prose readings. Every writer who has been invited to the literary readings is connected in some way either to St Petersburg itself or to the writing that is inspired by the city. Please register in advance here.
When: Tuesday 10 October
Where: New Holland Island, St Petersburg, 190121
Price: Free
Language: English


(Photo credit: International party in Saint Peterburg)

Event: International Party, Mafia Night
About: An international meet & greet in a nice, unique bar-restaurant in the centre of St Petersburg! And Mafia game night? Can’t really think of a better Sunday evening activity.
When: Sunday 8 October
Where: Al Capone, 7 Zhukovskogo Ulitsa, St Petersburg
Price: Free
Language: English

(Photo credit: YouTube)

Event: Movie Screening: Three Sisters
About: Directed by Yuri Grymov, this 2017 production of Chekhov’s masterpiece is a must-see for anyone who admires classical Russian literature and follows contemporary Russian cinema. Read the review and watch a trailer for the movie in the link provided above.
When: Tuesday 10 October
Where: Aurora Cinema, 60 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 300 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Toastmasters International – St Petersburg Speechmakers‎Toastmasters Meeting 07 Oct 7:00 pm)

Event: Toastmasters Meeting
About: If you ever thought of improving your public speaking skills and working on your leadership abilities – look no further! Come and practice in a friendly and supportive environment. More details can be found on the website of Toastmasters International here.
When: Saturday 7 October
Where: 18 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free
Language: English

(Photo credit: Beat Film Festival‎Beat Weekend в Петербурге

Event: Beat Weekend in St Petersburg
About: Documentary film festival, lectures from famous filmmakers, discussion, concerts, performances, and, afterparties–all and more, this weekend at the incredible Aurora theatre. Check out the details of the programme here.
When: Thursday 5 October to Sunday 8 October
Where: Aurora Cinema, 60 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 400 roubles

(Photo credit: PxHere)

Event: Public Meeting: What is in Russian people’s Heads
About: This event is part of a series of events intended to shed light on Russian society. On Saturday the main topic will be “law and order” and how the Russian society perceives these two terms. The event is not a lecture but rather an open discussion among participants who are encouraged to take an active part.
When: Saturday 7 October, from 4pm until 6pm
Where: Location will be communicated after registration here
Price: Free
Language: Russian

Event: Don Garcia: Make your own tacos
About: Make your own tacos with an authentic and experienced Mexican chef. Register beforehand.
When: Saturday 7 October, from 2pm until 5pm
Where: Graffiti Hostel, 33-35 Ligovskiy Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191036
Price: 1,500 roubles, 1,400 roubles if you repost this
Language: English

(Photo credit: Moi, Gagarine / I am Gagarin‎Премьера фильма “Я – Гагарин” в Петербурге)

Event: Movie Premiere: I am Gagarin
About: On Friday the movie theatre Aurora will host the premiere of the movie I am Gagarin by the director Olga Darfi. Book your ticket here.
When: Friday 6 October
Where: Aurora, 60 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 400 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Prokach Project Salsa – Son – Rumba в Спб‎Cuban weekend NiNo edition)

Event: Cuban Weekend
About: Enjoy a weekend of intense Cuban dancing with Yoanis Meneses and Olga Samoylova. This weekend you can practice Cuban salsa, rumba, reggaeton, urban dance and more.
When: From Friday 6 October until Sunday 8 October
Where: Find the location here.
Price: Find the prices here.

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