Revolutionary November: Discover the best events of the month

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This November, St Petersburg will mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution with a series of cultural events commemorating one of the most important events in Russian history—discover film festivals, exhibitions, lectures, and more

(Institut français de Saint-Pétersbourg‎Месяц документального кино // Mois du film documentaire)

Event: Le Mois du Film Documentaire
About: For the first time in St Petersburg, the French Institute will launch a month dedicated to documentary films with a new film to watch every Thursday. Find the complete programme here.
When: From Thursday 2 November to Thursday 23 November
Where: Institut français de Saint-Pétersbourg, 12 Nevskiy prospekt, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free
Language: French with Russian subtitles

(Photo credit: Russian Learners and Speakers Club)

Event: International Russian Speaking Club
About: It’s time to practice your Russian. Join the biggest Russian speaking club in St Petersburg for your weekly Russian workout.
When: Every Monday at 7pm
Where: Friends Hostel, 11 Ulitsa Vosstaniya
Price: 100 roubles (biscuits and tea included in the price)
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: 100 Years of Liberation)

Event: 100 Years of Liberation
About: Come celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the beginning of the proletarian era with your local red agitators!
When: Tuesday 7 November
Where: The Hermitage/Winter Palace, 32 Palace Embankment, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: Free

(Photo credit: Музей нонконформистского искусства / Museum of nonconformist art‎A Romance with Revolution / Роман с Революцией)

Event: A Romance with Revolution
About: What is the back side of the revolution and what do we face when the romance is over? How did the mechanics of revolution function during the Great October Revolution and 100 years after it? Why do Art and Revolution both fascinate us, each in its own way? What does humanity learn from past revolutions and do they follow the same strategy of development? Did the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 prove that peaceful revolutions are possible, without violence and without one single leader? What is the role of art that accompanies revolutions all over the world?
These are some of the questions that are addressed by more than 20 international artists in the group exhibition organised by the Museum of Nonconformist Art and the ACC Galerie Weimar (Germany). The participants work with their own and foreign histories in a situation where the foreign becomes one’s own and forms a shared global memory. They deal with revolution as a concept, as performative policies, an event with unpredictable consequences, that forms a historical gap, rearranges the grid of coordinates and forms the optics for a new worldview.
When: From October 14 to November 12
Where: Museum of nonconformist art, 53 Ligovskiy Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: N.A.

(Photo credit:Музей РОСФОТО/Rosphoto museum‎Революция и наследие / Наследие революции)

Event: Revolution and Heritage
About: As a result of the Revolution of 1917, people came to power with a different scale of values, a different worldview, which led to the inevitable reassessment of the past. A significant part of the pre-revolutionary cultural and historical heritage was destroyed. At the same time, the Revolution was the impetus for the emergence of the next layer of heritage: monuments of a new era were created, new city ensembles emerged, new directions in architecture were formed.
The organisers of the exhibition did not seek to show the course of the revolutionary events but tried to imagine the influence of these events on the fate of the city. Visitors will see the beginning of metamorphosis, feel the tragedy and grandeur of the events of those years that reflected on the city’s appearance and left an indelible imprint on its soul.
When: From 15 November to 3 December
Where: ROSPHOTO Museum, 35 Bolshaya Morskaya, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: 150 roubles (100 roubles for students)

(Photo credit: Street Art Museum St Petersburg)

About: One hundred years ago, Lenin and his Bolsheviks seized power at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg – the October revolution of 1917 was one of the turning points of modern history: it shaped not only Russia but the modern world. A century on, Global Questions returns to St Petersburg to assess the Russia of today, in particular through the eyes of its younger generation. Soviet communism has collapsed, but what has replaced it? Has post-Communist Russia lived up to the dreams of its people, and if not, what changes and reforms do they want to see? People living and working in St Petersburg as well as audiences on social media will put their questions to a panel of key figures from politics, business and culture. To apply to join the audience, email:
When: Wednesday 15 November from 6pm
Where: Street Art Museum, 84 sh. Revolyutsii, St Petersburg, 195279
Price: Free
Language: English and Russian

(Photo credit: ЛГБТ-кинофестиваль Бок о Бок / Side by Side LGBT Film Festival‎X Международный ЛГБТ-кинофестиваль «Бок о Бок»)

Event: LGBT Film Festival Side by Side
About: This year marks the tenth anniversary of the biggest LGBT film festival in Russia: Side by Side. During the ten days the audience will have the chance to discover the best movies and documentaries connected to the LGBT community and engage in a discussion with special guests; from film directors to actors and LGBT activists.
When: From 16 November to 25 November
Where: Find the different locations here
Price: Find the prices here
Language: English and Russian

(Photo credit: Киноцентр «Родина»‎Синематека Искусство Кино: Иди и смотри)

Event: Come and See
About: On 18 November Rodina will screen the 1985 Soviet movie Come and See. The evening will start with a lecture by the director and film critic Anton Dolin. The movie tells the story of a sixteen-year-old boy, Florya, who goes into the woods to join the partisans. Buy your tickets here.
When: Saturday 18 November
Where: Rodina, 12 Karavannaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: 300 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Event: Leningrad Concert
About: One of the most famous rock bands of the city, Leningrad, will celebrate its 20th anniversary and what better place to do that than in their hometown? Don’t miss this chance to see them live! Buy your tickets here.
When: Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November, from 8pm
Where: Ice Palace, 1 Prospekt Pyatiletok, St Petersburg, 193318
Price: From 2,200 to 30,000 roubles

(Photo credit: Центр молодёжных программ. Музей истории религии‎Гендерные стереотипы в религиях мира)

Event: Gender Stereotypes in the Religions of the World
About: November will be dedicated to a series of lectures on gender stereotypes and religion that will take place every Saturday afternoon. The theme of gender in religion has been and continues to be relevant today: it is fiercely controversial, both in religious and secular institutions. Within the framework of the cycle, the lectures will look at this matter from various angles – from the world’s largest religions to traditional religious and philosophical teachings of the Far East.
When: From 11 November to 9 December, every Saturday from 3pm
Where: Museum of the History of Religion, 14 Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: 200 roubles (free for students)
Language: Russian

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