Sweet November: Best events in St Petersburg (9-15 November)

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It’s gotten colder in the city, so this week we bring you a hot selection! Check Prospekt every week for the best events—exhibitions, parties, film screenings, festivals, and open lectures—taking place in St Petersburg

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Event: History Class: From the downfall of the last tsar to the present
About: What caused the downfall of Nicholas II and how did communism change Russia? The event will be taught by a Russian history teacher and will be conducted in English. There will be supplies and worksheets, snacks and coffee or tea. Get in touch with Stacey at stacey.watson453@mail.ru to learn more about the event and to book your spot.
When: Friday 10 November, from 10am
Where: Mail stacey.watson453@mail.ru to receive the address
Price: 1,300 roubles
Language: English

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Event: New British Film Festival
About: Discover the best British movies during the 17th New British Film Festival in the city. Find the complete programme and buy your tickets here.
When: From Tuesday 7 November to Monday 13 November
Where: Avrora cinema, 60 Nevsky avenue, St Petersburg, 191023
Price: From 350 to 800 roubles
Language: English with Russian subtitles

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Event: Fando y Lis
About: The 1968 premiere of the film Fando y Lys at the Acapulco film festival in Mexico led to riots in the city. The film was later banned in the whole country and provoked strong reactions. Today, a re-adaptation of the play by Fernando Arrabal can be seen in one of the most original theatres in St Petersburg: Masterskaya. The story follows the journey of a young couple, Fando and his paraplegic girlfriend, Lis, through a thorny wasteland to find the mythical city of Tar where they hope to find happiness.
When: Wednesday 15 November
Where: Masterskaya Theatre, 1 Narodnaya ulitsa, St Petersburg, 193079
Price: From 600 to 900 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Kuznya‎Jazzroom: Игра в классики)

Event: Jazzroom
About: Enjoy an evening of jazz with the trio: Ruslan Tustanovsky, Artem Krikunov, and Ivan Lyubimov. Call the following number to book a table: +7 (911) 9211669.
When: Friday 10 November, from 8pm
Where: Kuznya, 2 Admiralteysky canal embankment, St Petersburg, 190000

(Photo credit: Showgogo.ru‎Noize MC, A2 Green Concert, 10 ноября 20:00)

Event: Noize MC
About: On Friday the Russian rapper, singer and actor will hold a concert at A2 Green Concert where he will perform songs from his last album, «Царь горы» (King of the Mountain). Buy your tickets here.
When: Friday 10 November, from 8pm
Where: A2 Green Concert, 3 Medikov Prospekt, St Petersburg, 197022
Price: 1,600 roubles

(Photo credit: Dostoevsky Museum / Музей Достоевского‎Фильм “Преступление и наказание” (Австралия, 2016))

Event: Film screening: Crime and Punishment
About: When reason fails, the devil helps! Along with annual conference of Dostoevsky and World Culture, the Dostoevsky Museum of St Petersburg celebrates the 150th anniversary of the author’s dark masterpiece, Crime and Punishment with a screening of the award-winning Australian adaptation of the novel. Contact the museum, if you’d like to attend and ask for an invitation: +7 921 977 43 00, dostoevsky.museum@gmail.com
When: Thursday 9 November
Where: Dostoevsky Museum, 5/2 Kuznechny Pereulok, St Petersburg, 191002
Price: Free
Language: English with Russian subtitles

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Event: Bone Music Exhibition
About: Bone Music is an exhibition examining a unique episode in postwar Soviet history. From the late 1940s to the early 1960s, inventive Soviet music lovers made illegal copies of banned music on used X-ray film. Their recordings were not limited to Western jazz and rock-n-roll but also featured Russian émigré music, as well as popular prison and gypsy songs.
When: Everyday from 1 November to 10 December
Where: New Holland Island, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: Free

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Event: Three generations of the St Petersburg Conservatoire
About: Brought to you by St Petersburg’s music schools and the legendary Mariinsky Theatre, the program features works by Franz Schubert, Frédéric Chopin, Edvard Grieg, Pedro Albéniz, Claude Debussy, Mikhail Glinka, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Sergei Prokofiev.
When: Wednesday 15 November
Where: The Mussorgsky Hall, Mariinsky Theatre, 1 Theatre Square, St Petersburg, 190000
Price: 400 roubles

(Photo credit: Спектакль-путешествие “Danger, Gulliver!”)

Event: Performance-journey, Danger, Gulliver!
About: If you’re looking for weird, artistic, countryside adventure, here’s your chance! VelesO Theatre, located in the Vsevolozhsk district near the village of Lepsari, will open its doors to all. During this unusual experience, based on the Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, participants and horses will become the actors and performers. Contact the organisers for more information at velesotheatre@gmail.com, or +7 921 953 80 99
When: Saturday 11 November
Where: VelesO Theatre, Lepsari village, Leningrad Oblast
Price: 1,000 roubles, excluding 700 roubles for an overnight stay.
Language: Russian

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