October is over, Red October is upon us. The best events in St Petersburg from 2 November to 8 November

As the centenary to the 1917 Revolution approaches get ready for a series of events in remembrance of one the greatest events in political history. Not a history fan? No worries, Prospekt will have some events for you too.

Event: What’s in Russian People’s Heads?
About: Is it true that good fences make good neighbours? How can Russians be open-hearted, easy-going and yet suspicious and withdrawn? This discussion will be part of a series of events aimed at uncovering the origin of certain characteristics typical of Russian people. Though held in Russian, the discussions are intended for expats living in St Petersburg who want to know more about the society they live in.
When: Saturday 4 November from 4pm to 6pm
Where: Register here and the address will be communicated to you personally.
Price: Free
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Музей нонконформистского искусства / Museum of nonconformist art‎A Romance with Revolution / Роман с Революцией)

Event: A Romance with Revolution
About: What is the back side of the revolution and what do we face when the romance is over? How did the mechanics of revolution function during the Great October Revolution and 100 years after it? Why do Art and Revolution both fascinate us, each in its own way? What does humanity learn from past revolutions and do they follow the same strategy of development? Did the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 prove that peaceful revolutions are possible, without violence and without one single leader? What is the role of art that accompanies revolutions all over the world?
These are some of the questions that are addressed by more than 20 international artists in the group exhibition organised by the Museum of Nonconformist Art and the ACC Galerie Weimar (Germany). The participants work with their own and foreign histories in a situation where the foreign becomes one’s own and forms a shared global memory. They deal with revolution as a concept, as performative policies, an event with unpredictable consequences, that forms a historical gap, rearranges the grid of coordinates and forms the optics for a new worldview.
When: From October 14 to November 12
Where: Museum of nonconformist art, 53 Ligovskiy Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: N.A.

(Photo credit: Yoga Session in English)

Event: Yoga in English
About: Warm up your body and calm down your mind in a peaceful company of like-minded people. The class is held in English so all non-Russian speakers are most welcome and all the locals will get a chance to practice their English skills.
When: Sunday 6 November
Where: 10 Б Kamennoostrovskiy prospekt, 3rd floor, St Petersburg, 197101
Price: 300 roubles
Language: English

(Photo credit: Открытое пространство на Достоевского34‎Русская община в Китае)

Event: Russian Community in China
About: Do you know that Russians have been living in China for generations–not only in the most famous Russian community, Harbin, but also in many other cities and villages? In 2015-2016, traveller Anton Dryanichkin spent four months in China, travelled to Russian villages, communicated with Chinese Russians, and studied their life, history, and stories. On 5 November he will talk about how the descendants of Russian immigrants live in the second, third and fourth generations, as they preserve their traditions, faith, and language.
When: Sunday 5 November, from 4.30pm
Where: Open Space, 34 ulitsa Dostoyevskogo, St Petersburg, 191119
Price: Free
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Арт Центр Пушкинская‎Искусство Революции/Революции Искусства)

Event: The Art of the Revolution
About: The Festival Art of the Revolution / Revolution of Art: Petrograd, Leningrad, Petersburg is devoted to avant-garde artistic practices in the Russian art of the twentieth century. This project consistently demonstrates and analyses the conceptual, aesthetic and historical connection between two events that determined the cultural appearance of the 20th century in Russia and abroad. It is, on the one hand, the emergence of the world-famous Russian avant-garde, on the other – about the long-awaited recognition of the art of unofficial Leningrad artists.
When: 14 October to 12 November
Where: Art Centre Pushinksya 10, 53 Ligovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191040
Price: 250 roubles

(Photo credit: Pop Farm‎The Kooks / 5 ноября / Санкт-Петербург)

Event: The Kooks
About: The Kooks are finally performing in St Petersburg this weekend, don’t miss your chance to see them live! Buy your tickets here.
When: Sunday 5 November
Where: A2 Green Concert, 3 pr. Medikov, St Petersburg, 197022
Price: From 2,000 roubles to 4,500 roubles

(Photo credit: Театральная Просто‎Дети революции)

Event: Children of the Revolution
About: On the Day of National Unity there will be a concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the revolution held by the renowned travelling bard, Psoy Korolenko. Find your tickets here.
When: Saturday 4 November
Where: Teatralnaya Prosto, Teatralnaya pl., St Petersburg,190000
Price: From 500 to 900 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Музей Эрарта / Erarta Museum‎100 лет одиночества)

Event: 100 Years of Solitude
About: The exhibition 100 Years of Solitude explores the consequences of the revolution and the civilisational loneliness of the society that socialism built. This is an exhibition about communist myths and reality, the victims of the historical process, the earthly values and quiet joys of stagnant time, the archaeology of Soviet daily life, and the oblivion of the past.
When: From Friday 3 November to 17 November
Where: Erarta Museum,2 29th Line, St Petersburg,199106
Price: 500 roubles

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Event: Seminar Russian History
About: This seminar will cover Romanov History from Peter the Great to Nicholas II, the birth of St. Petersburg and the catalysts that led to Communism. Interested? Contact Stacey Watson at stacey.watson453@gmail.com to book your spot.
When: Saturday 4 November, from 10am to 1pm
Where: 22 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: 1,300 roubles
Language: English

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