Celebrate Women’s Week in St Petersburg with the best events in town (From 8 March to 14 March)

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Have a great women’s week with our selection of the best events in town: From open discussions on transgender rights, performances, movie screenings, to concerts, and parties

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Event: Feminist Queer Circle: Discussion on Transgender Rights
About: Are you curious to learn more about transgender rights? On Friday the Feminist Queer Circle will host a discussion on this topic. The circle hosts a weekly discussion in English about different topics, from gender roles, queer relationships to transgender rights. Everybody is welcome to bring snacks and to participate in the discussion.
When: Friday 9 March, from 6pm
Where: Eve’s Ribs, 4 Birzhevoy Pereulok, St Petersburg, 199034
Price: Free
Language: English

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Этобар / thisisbar‎Lady in Blues weekend)

Event: Lady in Blues Weekend
About: Enjoy a weekend of blues, swing and jazz with local musicians.
When: Friday 9 March and Saturday 10 March
Where: Etobar, 14 Vladimirskiy Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191025

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Event: English Movie Night Club
About: For every film lover, join the English Movie Night Club. Every Tuesday an English movie will be shown with English subtitles. After the movie, a discussion will follow. The event, is one of the many activities that you can find on Hi Jay, a community to find your language partner or join discussions in different languages. Want to know more? Download the app here.
When: Every Tuesday, from 7pm
Where: Find the location here
Price: Free
Language: English

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Event: Concert: Chkbns
About: On 10 March, the cultural centre Serdste (Hearts) will host the concert of the indie-pop band Chkbns. Find their music here.
When: Saturday 10 March
Where: Serdste, 12 Birzhevaya Liniya, St Petersburg, 199034
Price: From 300 to 500 roubles

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Event: International Party
About: Meet new people, practice your foreign language skills, and have some drinks at the weekly international party at Al Capone.
When: Sunday 11 March at 7pm
Where: Bar Al Capone, 7 Ulitsa Zhukovskogo, St Petersburg
Language: English, Russian, French

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Event: Brothers Karamazov: Performance at Masterstkaya
About: The theatre Masterskaya will stage the play Brothers Karamazov based on the book of one of the most famous Russian authors: Fyodor Dostoevsky.
When: Sunday 11 March
Where: Masterskaya Theatre, 1 Narodnaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 193079
Price: From 800 to 1,800 roubles
Language: Russian

(Photo credit: Центр искусства и музыки библиотеки Маяковского на Невском, 20‎Немецкое документальное кино на Невском, 20)

Event: German Documentary Movies
About: On Wednesday March 14, the library Mayakovsky will host a screening of the documentary movie The Future in the Present by the Russian-German filmmaker Darja Pilz.
When: Wednesday March 14, from 7pm to 10pm
Where: Mayakovskiy Library, 20 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg, 191186
Price: Free, register here
Language: German, Russian

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