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Independent, value-driven journalism from St Petersburg, Russia


Prospekt Magazine is an online media outlet focused on fulfilling the demand for English-language news and stories from St Petersburg, Russia. We are a team of international journalists, photographers, and filmmakers that is passionate about capturing the changes happening in Russia’s most European city.

We cover a broad array of city-specific topics while staying dedicated to our core values—support for active citizenship, an inclusive society, intercultural dialogue, and progressive social change. We also provide insight into the rich cultural life of the city and the individuals who shape it.

For anyone interested in what’s happening in Russia—St Petersburg is too significant of a city to overlook. Envisioned as Russia’s capital of change by Peter the Great, it lived up to its role to host the Russian Revolution, the youth counterculture of the post-Soviet transition, and the democratisation movement of the 1990’s. To this day, it continues to be a magnet for progressive ideas, underground culture, and demands for change.

Prospekt Magazine is non-profit, independent, and local, and remains the only English-language media based in St Petersburg.


Our journalistic vision


In recent years, mainstream media coverage of Russia has relied on simplistic narratives, sensationalism, and a false “us vs. them” dichotomy. Prospekt Magazine strives to be an alternative voice that digs deeper, rejects surface analysis and cheap generalisations, and challenges normative understandings of the country and people of Russia. We aim to highlight contradictions, uncover double standards, and report on the political and social diversity that is inherent in St Petersburg.


Our Editorial team



Francesca Visser is a Dutch-Italian freelance journalist based in St Petersburg. She writes about human rights and social issues and covers local events and protests. She is Prospekt’s field reporter, and film-maker.
Daniel Kozin is a Russian-American editor and journalist based in St Petersburg. He is Prospekt’s English-language editor and works with contributors to produce the best possible stories. Daniel writes about football, politics, and international affairs.
Shima Vezvaei is an Iranian communication researcher and journalist working between St Petersburg and Berlin. She writes about civil society, politics, and countercultures, with an eye on critical history, art, and, literature. She also manages Prospekt’s social media platforms.


Advertising and sponsors


Prospekt Magazine is a point of reference for English-readers passionate about St Petersburg, including travellers, students, and members of the expat community. As an independent, nonprofit media, we are happy to provide local businesses and organisations with opportunities to connect with our readers.

If you share our journalistic vision and are interested in advertising or sponsoring Prospekt Magazine, please email us at editorial@prospektmag.com



Our team is international and constantly growing. If you are interested in contributing or have an idea for a story, please send us your pitch at editorial@prospektmag.com

If you are a media organisation looking for a journalist or photographer on the ground in St Petersburg, feel free to get in touch with us at editorial@prospektmag.com